Small Business Credit Cards – Financial Tools to Fulfill Your Small Business Needs

On the subject of small business credit cards, there are a variety of products that the businessmen can find. From low APR cards to perk bank cards there is something on the market which will meet just about anybody’s requirements.

The available amenities that come with these credit cards are designed to fulfill the specific demands of your small business. Each and every enterprise knows that their needs for credit are very different and by taking the time to do a bit of research you’ll be able to help your small business with a charge card made just for you.

Often times you will notice that small business credit cards feature reduced credit lines than some of the alternative small business credit cards available. The reason behind this is that small sized organizations have a smaller breadth of accessible assets that can be accessed to help secure the issuing lending institution’s interest.

With that said, banks do recognize the restricted scope of net income and these kinds of credit cards as a rule have more affordable annual percentage rates so long as they are utilized for business expenses. These more or less range between 8% to 10% according to your existing credit scores.

A standard choice in regards to small business credit cards is the Ink Cash card. They will waive the initial year’s service charge and permit you to defer any type of interest rate charges. You don’t have a line of credit simply because you are obligated to pay them back in full 30 days from the date the bill is disseminated.

Yet another excellent card, Chase Ink, has a reasonable interest rate as well as one of the least expensive annual membership fees available in the market. You will generate miles and various other rewards by using this specific business card, and best of all the travel miles acquired with this particular card don’t have a termination date.

If you are a smaller company that does extensive traveling, this kind of credit card can help you accumulate points in a major way with the generous travel miles benefits. Additionally, if you add a number of employees on the business card, you receive a huge added bonus miles reward. When you have a limited amount of people to offer business card access to it can definitely transform it into a beneficial option.

As you have seen there are a variety of selections for small business credit cards. When you check out all your possible choices you can acquire the charge card that matches your requirements, and gives you the features that work best for your business. The Citi Platinum credit card is a good alternative for individuals also.

Raising Capital And Corporate Expansion – How to Do Both Effectively

When a corporation grows stagnant and lacks growth and the financial reserves are drying up the company’s C level executives need to give the three thousand foot analysis & look at all angles of the Corporate entity as objectively as possible to find leaks & chinks. First let’s look at the obvious & controllable, the board of directors & Advisory board, if you don’t have both then that could be part of your problem. The difference between the two is the board of directors is the most elite of the two. The board of directors are C level pedigree with an extensive track record of success & are typically compensated in restricted stock & some type of annual option and the Advisory board is typically used for the occasional introduction, advice etc & is typically brought on for far less compensation without options.

The advisory board members are usually building their resume and hope to eventually make it to the board of directors. Both BOD and BOA must have extensive contacts and contribute those contacts in a way that is conducive to expedient materialization of strategic alliances, conversion of securities into cash, distribution sources & globalization / expansion strategies. A BOD typically meets around 5 times for every year but is on call anytime you need them & the BOA may meet one time per year and should be eager to get a call from you so they can earn their keep. Use your BOD and BOA as much as possible to grow the company, if they are not living up to their contractual obligation, dump them and recruit a member that will give you the attention you deserve. Next, brainstorm with company executives. Sit in a room & mind map every possible solution to increasing distribution, publicity, branding, and alliance expansion. Take not of the executives who are not participating nor have little to contribute as these are the people you want to replace as soon as possible.

By the end of the meeting have a list of names, number & companies that you will be reaching out to as a group to solidify relationships that will result in a win/win for both sides. This should actually be done once per week even if your company is experiencing the required growth. There are multiple other processes that should be built into your business model to grow but to get to the point the next & final issue that we’ll cover in this article will be publicity. You should have a clear channel of targeted recipients for your press release distribution & a press release should be authored and distributed for anything and everything that your company does that would be considered noteworthy such as a new: client, employee, contract, alliance, location, affiliate, product, service, etc. You should also offer your opinion & expertise to local radio & television news affiliates. There is no better way to gain the status of an upper echelon existence than to be a panel expert on talk radio or TV interview. Do you want a legitimate, quick and easy way of taking your start-up or small business public? Do you want to talk to a consultant that will help you decide which path is best for your company? Call Caston Corporate Advisory today at 981-029-5333 or visit our website at there are many ways to take your company public in an affordable manner that will achieve your goals & begin raising capital quickly.

A Look at The Change in Vat Rates And Corporate Tax in France

As part of a range of austerity cuts following the latest Euro currency rescue agreement, the government of France announced plans to impose a ‘temporary’ corporate tax surcharge of 5 percent for 2012 and 2013 for large companies. The French government also plans to increase the ‘reduced’ value-added tax (VAT) rate of 5.5 percent to 7 percent, with certain limited exceptions. The move is part of France’s second austerity package designed to increase corporate tax revenue and reduce government expenditure and debts. It is said that the extra cuts make the 2012 budget one of the toughest since 1945.

What are the New Corporate Tax Proposals?

The corporate tax proposal mainly focuses on two measures that would affect business taxpayers. A temporary 5percent surcharge on corporate income tax would be implemented in 2012 and 2013 for companies having an annual turnover of E250 million or more. The “reduced VAT rate” which is currently at 5.5 percent will be increased to 7percent for all goods and services (with an exception to food and certain goods/services provided to disabled persons).

Tax proposals for Individual Taxpayers

The French government also introduced an exceptional 4 percent individual income tax on taxpayers with income of E250,000 or more if single and E500,000 or more for qualifying couples which is currently being considered by the French Parliament. Some of the proposed measures concerning taxation of individuals, if enacted, would increase the individual income tax ‘flat rate’ that applies for dividends and savings income from 19 percent to 24 percent.

Take the help of an expert

When doing business overseas, the last thing any organization wants to do is to pay your hard-earned profits as unnecessary taxes, especially in the current economic climate. It is best to partner with an expert to help simplify the process and overcome any challenges in taxation. A business consultant will have a complete up-to date information on how to keep up with the ever changing laws pertaining to expat tax, global transfer pricing, regulatory filing, to name a few. A dependable professional partner in an international expansion can help get rid of any concern regarding your overseas expansion project, thereby allowing you to focus on building your business.

Buying a Home Getting a Mortgage From Mclean Mortgage Joe Lucas

It might be fun and exciting for being buying your first house. However do realise that acquiring a favourable mortgage approval is not a god given right. It is possible that you have found home of your dreams and not being able to obtain a suitable mortgage to try and do the purchase. To higher prepare yourself on getting a suitable mortgage it doesn’t strain you financially, they’re some things to be aware of.

Firstly, have a copy of your personal credit profile. You probably have no idea of the way look like. You might think that a past problem for a specific credit card is settled. However, your own credit report may show otherwise. When these problems arise, you will need to talk with your issuer and legal action to uncover why it is so. Lenders are particularly considering a borrower’s credit conduct. Having bad personal credit may result in outright rejection of your respective housing personal loan application or becoming offered unfavourable terms on your own housing mortgage. It is a good option to promptly repay your bad debts back then before you apply for your housing financial loan.

Secondly, lenders need to know how stable is the personal income to evaluate whether you can comfortably repay the mortgage. To guage the stability and consistency of ones own income, you will have to show your annual income going back 24 months. Your individual income can also play a role in determining the dimensions of a borrowing arrangement quantum you can pay for to borrow. A greater income means that you can afford a greater loan.

A standard practice that home buyers often make is to calculate just how much a mortgage they might afford and maximize their affordability. However, remember that there are various of costs that should be taken into consideration after you purchase a house. A mortgage payment is not all of that you have to pay for. Such things as utilities, insurance, maintenance costs, renovation loan, property taxes, etc, are costs that very first time house buyers often don’t recognize. Calculate your monthly living costs and produce a bid on the cost you will need to commit to miscellaneous stuff. Check with friends for their bills. It is far better for ones lifestyle to purchase a house you can actually afford instead of purchase a dream house that you’re going to have trouible with just to pay bills.

It really is inevitable which a first time buyer may be stressed from the house search and also the mortgage search. Being prepared and understanding important knowledge can help significantly alleviate that.